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Re-read: Douglas Crosby: In the Hands of a Judge

Back in 2015, I wrote this feature on the MMA judge Douglas Crosby, which — in light of recent controversies — might be more relevant now than it was then.

The UFC turns 20 years old: 20 pieces written in 20 days for MMA Fighting (2013)

Back in 2013, I wrote a series of 20 pieces in 20 days for MMA fighting to celebrate 20 years of the UFC.

The Eagles of Bettendorf

At one time, The Miletich Fighting Systems in Eastern Iowa was a fight factory for UFC Champtions. So what was it about that place?

In Search of Strange Brew

Ten years after the original Ultimate Fighter television show put the UFC on the map, one of its cast members fell off. So … whatever happened to Jason Thacker, the quirky Canadian that trained out of the old abandoned truck stop?

After battling demons for the last 18 months, Nicolas Dalby is back on his feet

Nicolas Dalby sat on his stool between second and third rounds in his fight with a fellow undefeated opponent Darren Till, not sure what he had left to give...

In the Hands of a Judge

The many lives of Douglas Crosby who, aside from being a Hollywood stuntman with a bombastic personality, is the man fans love to hate as an MMA official