Anderson Silva gets his day, and nobody dominated his day quite like Anderson Silva

Perhaps it was an extra slap in the face that the UFC decided to announce Anderson Silva would be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame on the same night Kamaru Usman tried to get his title back

Jon Jones is back, which means …well, it’s complicated

It’s been a long, meandering, contradictory, asterisked, glorified, bloodshot, largely troubled road for Jones as he comes back at UFC 285.

Re-read: Douglas Crosby: In the Hands of a Judge

Back in 2015, I wrote this feature on the MMA judge Douglas Crosby, which — in light of recent controversies — might be more relevant now than it was then.

The UFC turns 20 years old: 20 pieces written in 20 days for MMA Fighting (2013)

Back in 2013, I wrote a series of 20 pieces in 20 days for MMA fighting to celebrate 20 years of the UFC.

Will UFC 281 reveal that it’s been Alex Pereira’s story all along?

Alex Pereira didn’t just beat Adesanya at some early juncture of Izzy’s career—he beat him twice—and now the ghost has followed him to UFC 281

The Nate Diaz Story – BT Sport Production

tremendous work over there. Narrated by Ariel Helwani

No One Had a Better Weekend Than Nate Diaz

On a weekend during which he was meant to fail, in the last fight on his contract, the tables turned for Nate Diaz, who leaves the UFC a bigger star than he’s ever been...

Sorting out the UFC’s featherweight division

If you took a handful of feathers and threw them into the air, it would look more orderly than what’s going on in the UFC’s featherweight division.

Sometimes a Grudge Match Is Better Than a Title Fight

UFC 272’s blood feud between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington doesn’t need a belt on the line, so long as there’s hatred in the air