For Nate Diaz’s Boxing Adventure, Everything Was Jake

Diaz-Paul had a little bit of everything: Robots, tanks, celebrities, imagination, family feuds, regrets, and … oh no, rematches?

The Cult of Nate Diaz Goes Boxing

The bout between Nate Diaz and Jake Paul is a curiosity PPV, even if the stakes mean nothing to boxing

It’s the Holy Grail of Fight Weekends

With UFC 291 and Errol Spence Jr. vs. Terence Crawford both happening Saturday night, fight fans are getting something rare this weekend: exactly what they asked for

The Fight No One Asked for but Everyone Wants to See

Tyson Fury versus Francis Ngannou? Whether we like it or not, big-name crossovers aren’t going anywhere, which begs the question: What exactly do we want from a fight?

Denver Nuggets Finals Blog – Game Two

The Denver Nuggets have been at their worst in moments when they feel good about themselves. Give me some doubt and all will be fine.

Go Nuggets!

The Denver Nuggets are in the NBA Finals for the first time ever and, as a fan since I was a kid, I guess I had a little to get off my chest about it.

Will Jorge Masvidal’s Homecoming Double as His Farewell?

“Street Jesus” is looking to resurrect his career on Easter weekend. But if the fan favorite loses again at UFC 287 in Miami, it could be the end for one of MMA’s all-time characters.

Anderson Silva gets his day, and nobody dominated his day quite like Anderson Silva

Perhaps it was an extra slap in the face that the UFC decided to announce Anderson Silva would be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame on the same night Kamaru Usman tried to get his title back

Jon Jones is back, which means …well, it’s complicated

It’s been a long, meandering, contradictory, asterisked, glorified, bloodshot, largely troubled road for Jones as he comes back at UFC 285.