Michael Chandler’s dilemma

The world moves on and there’s Michael Chandler, perfectly locked inside himself, training away for a fight with McGregor that gets smaller and smaller on his horizon

For UFC 303, here comes Alex Pereira to the rescue (yet again!)

As the old proverb goes, not all superheroes wear capes, but some of them wear face paint and colorful headdresses. Take Alex Pereira for instance. He might just be the greatest savior the UFC has even known.

The strange case for Steve Erceg at UFC 301

In a strange twist, Erceg ended up headlining UFC 301 because there weren’t a lot of options out there, not with the UFC’s big splurge to stack up its gala event from a few weeks back.

After UFC 300, the Cult of Max Holloway is at an all-time high

In the aftermath of UFC 300, Max Holloway’s night goes down as one of the greatest in the annals of UFC history.

So long as Sean Strickland is champion there will be plenty to talk about

Coming up on UFC 297, Sean Strickland as a champion looked exactly like Sean Strickland the taboo.

Denver Nuggets Finals Blog – Game Two

The Denver Nuggets have been at their worst in moments when they feel good about themselves. Give me some doubt and all will be fine.

Go Nuggets!

The Denver Nuggets are in the NBA Finals for the first time ever and, as a fan since I was a kid, I guess I had a little to get off my chest about it.

Anderson Silva gets his day, and nobody dominated his day quite like Anderson Silva

Perhaps it was an extra slap in the face that the UFC decided to announce Anderson Silva would be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame on the same night Kamaru Usman tried to get his title back

Jon Jones is back, which means …well, it’s complicated

It’s been a long, meandering, contradictory, asterisked, glorified, bloodshot, largely troubled road for Jones as he comes back at UFC 285.