This is not an unbiased column about the Nuggets overcoming the Lakers

If Denver had more caring columnists, there wouldn’t be such a disconnect between the Nuggets of today and the Nuggets that have always been. If the Denver Post’s Mark Kiszla had a deeper feel of history he would reference the Lakers continued dominance over the Nuggets all the way back to the 1985 Western Conference Finals. The line of pain would be held taut until history stopped repeating itself. It would be a tragic story in the way the Broncos are a tragic story for any Cleveland Browns fan.

It sounds like a lazy movie review, but UFC 261 really was an emotional thrill ride

UFC 261 in Jacksonville was something else. It was unpredictable and gripping. It was heartbreaking. It was teeming to the rafters with fans. It was competitive and insightful and basically everything that last Saturday night’s PPV in Atlanta was not.

Jorge Masvidal’s cult status is on the line this weekend at UFC 261

It took Jorge Masvidal five seconds to achieve cult status after 15 years of relative anonymity. And that cult status is on the line this weekend as Masvidal faces Kamaru Usman again at UFC 261.

As for Saturday’s UFC on ABC matinee, the word that comes to mind: Nullified

What happens if somebody in Dana White's hypothetical street fight basically nullifies the action by overpowering the other to the ground, repeatedly, for 25 minutes?

Want to rev up for a potential Derrick Lewis-Francis Ngannou rematch? Don’t do what I did…

Let me spare you from going back and reviewing all that firepower melting slowly in a blazing sun. Instead let me rundown the highlights to get you fired up for the potential rematch.

Francis is King, so let’s play baby — it’s Jon Jones or what?

It took about eight minutes for Jon Jones to enter the conversation after Francis Ngannou flattened Stipe Miocic to win the UFC heavyweight title at UFC 260. “Let’s play baby,” he tweeted, three awesome words that pumped blood through the heart of the fight game hysteria on Saturday night. It took about eight seconds for that tweet to get deleted.

Ngannou-Miocic II is just as big, but very different from the first fight

Before UFC 220 back in early 2018, I can distinctly remember Daniel Cormier and Francis Ngannou appearing on a sports radio show in Boston together to hype the card. Knowing that the hosts didn’t pay close attention to MMA, both guys played along to the “perception” of what was going on.

Derek Brunson hates a good party

If we were reminded of anything on Saturday night, it’s that the fight game has almost no sense of humor. And that guys like Derek Brunson are party poopers of the worst kind.

Can’t some other guys at welterweight fight each other?

So, the UFC has booked Jorge Masvidal-Kamaru Usman II for next month in Jacksonville. A rematch like that should seem like a pretty big deal. Instead it kind of feels…what’s the right word?