UFC 269 gambling preview

I am reprising the “locks” and “picks” in the written form. This way it’s easy to print out and mark up with one of those small pencils you find at sportsbooks. 

Ten years ago, MMA was in harmony for UFC on FOX 1

Excited to kick off their union with FOX, the UFC put on a one-hour special show on Nov. 12, 2011 featuring a heavyweight title fight between Junior Dos Santos and Cain Velasquez—airing for free on national television.

After his war with Michael Chandler, let’s avoid the riot — give Justin Gaethje his title shot

After Justin Gaethje's war with Michael Chandler atUFC 268, let's give this man his title shot while he’s still berserking with such abandon.

Sometimes you forget just how cool it is having Fedor around

Fedor Emelianenko doesn’t speak English, and nobody has ever given a damn. 

Twenty percent is the Costa doing business

Smug Paulo Costa has made himself the centerpiece of conversation when he forced a catchweight fight with Marvin Vettori.

Two-Minute Round: If you’re the UFC, what do you do with Jon Jones?

He almost did it. He had people forgetting. He had people anticipating, and daydreaming, and rubbing their hands together. He had people fixating more on his greatness than those many fuck-ups, which felt slightly directional.

Nick Diaz’s return is fun unless you’re Nick Diaz…in that case it’s hell

There are a lot of conflicting feelings out there surrounding Nick Diaz's return at UFC 266.

Hat Tip to Joseph Benavidez who is getting the hell out of there

Here's a tip of the hat to Joe B, who is getting the hell out of there. Some words as Joseph Benavidez retires.

So, about Jake Paul…

The truth is, we kind of hate Jake Paul because he broke into our psyche like a burglar, and most of us didn’t have a say in that.