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The Nuggets Adjust From Being the Hunters to the Hunted

Denver had to get punched in the mouth to learn a critical lesson: It’s one thing to be the challengers; it’s another to be the champs

Denver Nuggets Finals Blog – Game Two

The Denver Nuggets have been at their worst in moments when they feel good about themselves. Give me some doubt and all will be fine.

Go Nuggets!

The Denver Nuggets are in the NBA Finals for the first time ever and, as a fan since I was a kid, I guess I had a little to get off my chest about it.

This is not an unbiased column about the Nuggets overcoming the Lakers

If Denver had more caring columnists, there wouldn’t be such a disconnect between the Nuggets of today and the Nuggets that have always been. If the Denver Post’s Mark Kiszla had a deeper feel of history he would reference the Lakers continued dominance over the Nuggets all the way back to the 1985 Western Conference Finals. The line of pain would be held taut until history stopped repeating itself. It would be a tragic story in the way the Broncos are a tragic story for any Cleveland Browns fan.

The Nuggets Need More Than a Moral Victory

Denver has been the “fun” upstart before, dating back to the first-round upset of the top-seeded Sonics. But to finally be taken seriously as a contender, it needs a win, not another atta boy, in Game 7.